Amazon Versus ClickBank – Who Wins?

I often see people arguing over which affiliate program is better. Is Amazon the better opportunity or is ClickBank? The argument invariably boils down to commission rates. While Amazon offers commission rates of anywhere between four and 8%, ClickBank often offers commissions in excess of 75%. On the surface, the 75% commission sounds like the better deal. However, is it really?

While ClickBank offers much higher commissions there are other factors to consider in addition to commissions. Conversion rates are a critical component to consider when comparing the two. For example what good is a 75% commission rate if the conversion rate is one out of every 1000? When trying to determine which is better you need to consider both pieces of information (conversion rate and commission).

The strength of Amazon is the site’s ability to convert visitors into buyers. More often than not, your job as an Amazon affiliate is to simply get the visitor to Amazon and let Amazon handle the conversions. However, as a ClickBank affiliate, you often need to pre-sell your traffic before sending them to the product’s landing page. You will often miss out on sales if you do not do a good job of pre-selling your traffic. For these reasons, I prefer Amazon. I’d much rather simply have to get traffic to the product that I am promoting than have to presell.

For me, Amazon is the better program. What do you think? Why?